Dan Rabinovitsj’s Take on M&A Change Management Podcast


Recorded in 2018

During these COVID-19 times we circle back to an interview we did in 2018 with then Ruckus Wireless President, Dan Rabinovitsj, to get his take on M&A change management because we thought it had some good takeaways on leading during uncertain times. Dan Rabinovitsj is now the VP of Facebook. Ruckus Wireless at the time was undergoing several M&A transactions at once. Dan was leading through that time of change and uncertainty and has brought to LAUNCH! listeners his learnings and best practices from his experience. As industries pivot and change in COVID-19 times while still amidst the digital revolution, many companies will find themselves in a similar situation. Dan’s story is a testament to how strong a company can be when their survival is at stake. It is those that come out ahead of the change that will find success in this new era.





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