Don’t Ignore the Last Step in Change Management

While 55% of change management initiatives meet their initial objectives, only 25% of the initiatives are able to sustain gains

from their change management initiatives over the long term, as revealed in a “Change and Communication ROI Survey” by leading global advisory firm Towers Watson.

Implementing a change can be achieved, and sprinting to a finish line can be quite the adrenaline rush, but it’s the actual sustaining of the change where many managers lose in this endurance marathon.

Learn 6 tactics on how to effectively sustain change in your organization

and influence others to change with change management expert Rebecca Bennett, who has helped implement change efforts at notable companies such as Fox and Investors Business Daily. You can apply these tactics to large scale changes associated with digital transformations, organizational restructures, and project methodology pivots as well as smaller scale changes such as implementing more effective meetings, schedule management and much more coupled with effective influence tools.

“Only One-Quarter of Employers Are Sustaining Gains From Change Management Initiatives, Towers Watson Survey Finds.”Willis Towers Watson. August 29, 2013.


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