Private Equity

California is a vibrant startup community where we see entrepreneurs and business leaders boldly pursuing world changing ideas and bringing new value to our community. This is why we seed invest in small businesses that are looking to impact California community and life. We invest in services, products, books, and experiences. We know as leaders you work hard to grow your business and teams everyday, and we know that your “why” goes deeper than profits, you do it to bring the American dream to your family and team. Our portfolio companies is focused on helping leaders balance work-life and creating more sustainable productivity so that you can bring your best to your business.


If you resonate with our mission and would like to become an investor in our portfolio or partner with one of our portfolio companies, let us know how to contact you.

Our Portfolio

LoCal SoCal Magazine is focused on bringing great businesses that are focused on bringing positive culture and new gen values, to local customers while driving a healthy local economy. Their first series is focused on bringing greater awareness and access to health knowledge, products, and services to locals.

City Fit is a long-standing company in our portfolio because of the healthy lifestyle culture it brings to Southern CA. We feel its important to educate our society on how to live healthier and build good habits that can help bring down medical costs. Their philosophy is by building health into your daily life with preventative health care habits, locals can extend their longevity and quality of life. By creating less reliance on the legacy American healthcare system, we can help America pivot into a more effective system.

Discover You” is an interactive self-development program that help aspiring leaders achieve their dreams and goals. It provides valuable frameworks to model your thoughts, behaviors, and actions after, all designed to empower you to reach your greatest potential no matter where you are in life. It builds positive mental health practices, creates action-bias, and shares proven techniques in a powerful way that drive success. We feel this a powerful guidebook to help those who want to change the world, find their feet and launch.

Cram Box is a study accelerator care-package designed to teach and enable students how to effectively study so that they can reach their highest academic potential. Each box focuses on a specific theme, such as finding the right study style, time management, study planning, learning models & study strategies, note taking methods, as well as motivation. With Cram Box parents are able to instill the value of academic focus by giving their students the tools they need to succeed before the big test day in the form of a care-package.

OC Total Home Care helps busy homeowners put their home maintenance on auto-pilot, making more time for them to spend on their family and career. They are also focused on environmental sustainability in that they try to extend the life of your home and its contents with regular maintenance which results in less landfill and conserving resources.

Vista Haus is a getaway vacation home in Big Bear that allows hard-working families a weekend escape to reconnect with themselves and nature. Big Bear is notorious for its sustainability initiatives and is a leader in policy making in the vacation home marketplace, which gives us a great position to drive positive change for the future short-term rentals market.

Dogs have been proven to increase our serotonin levels as well as quality of life. They help reduce the loneliness epidemic that set in after COVID, They get us walking and give us a purpose. Southern CA French Bulldogs is focused on bringing the lovable character of the French Bulldog into more loving homes. We like this business because they breed responsibly with genetic test matching and are focused on building strong families, while providing lifetime support for their puppy members, ensuring their dogs get the best quality of life, for life.