“Were a different kind of start-up. We are challenging the status quo of what work looks like in Corporate America.” LAUNCH! CEO

Smiling young businesswomen looking at notebook and discussing project at coffee break


  • Be Bold and be Human
  • Invest in People
  • Be Trusted & Transparent
  • Grow Fast and Grow Together
  • Be Innovative and Entrepreneurial
  • Make the World Better than we started
  • Be Grateful


Internships (Intrapreneur/Corporate Track)

  • Gain career-related experience & practical knowledge
  • Opportunity to explore career avenues
  • Valuable work experience for their resumes
  • Potential to earn academic credit
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Enhance conventional classroom learning methods
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Obtain references from co-workers and expand your network

Apprenticeships (Entrepreneur Track)

  • Learn daily challenges of being an entrepreneur
  • Explore whether or not entrepreneurship is for you
  • Learn valuable resources to help in starting and running a business
  • Obtain useful contacts and powerful network
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Avoid making mistakes that others before you have made


  • Equity eligible
  • Mentor leadership

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LAUNCH! believes that companies grow because of people. If people take on leadership opportunities and drive their own growth, then they will take their company with them. The workplace landscape is changing with the entrepreneurial, gig and global economies, where people are taking more charge in what they do. LAUNCH! is listening and incorporating those trends as a part of our revolutionary workplace model. LAUNCH! is challenging a lot of status quos, which is what makes us so interesting.

Team Members Are Their Own Leaders

All team members are their own leaders. They pick and run their own projects as well as suggest ones. We are a leadership publication, so it’s only natural that we expect our team members to become leaders. We are essentially growing intrapreneurs.


People grow more often and take on more work than the frequency of title changes. At LAUNCH! team members are allowed to change their job title once they have earned their stripes, as long as they can make a strong logical case for their desired title, they can have it.

Autonomous in Nature

Because everyone is in charge of themselves and their own projects, we consider ourselves an autonomous company where our team members learn to become independent, resourceful and confident.

Work Remotely on a Diverse, Global and Multi-cultural Team

One of the biggest challenges that companies are facing today is finding good talent. Good talent is dispersed globally. It’s not all in one race or one country. People can be such a huge competitive advantage in business that you have to extend beyond personal borders. Our team members are from places such as India, Argentina, Israel, Chicago, and California, to name a few.

Schedule Flexibility

All team members choose their own hours, and not just because we are in different time zones, but because we believe that team members should mold the company around who they are. As long as their personal goals have synergies with the company’s goals, we move ahead together with more passion, commitment, and motivation towards our goals. Team members are able to achieve work-life balance, spend time with family as desired, go on vacations as needed, go work out at their peak energy time, work second jobs, and go to school.

Resourcefulness and Personality are Valued Parallel to Skills

We don’t hire based on resume. We hire based on a conversation and a chance to prove yourself. A skill is what you are now, to be resourceful defines what you could be in the future.


When team members run into challenges, we facilitate a mentorship model to help guide and grow them through the experience. Our mentorship model helps new team members, but also allows other team members to step into leadership roles.