LAUNCH! Advisory Group can help start, transform, and turn-around your business in the spirit of building your future. LAUNCH! is an end-to-end advisory firm, meaning we’ll take you beyond the assessment and planning stages and help facilitate implementation and sustainability because we stand by our work. We excel in bringing you the latest market insights, help you think in new ways, strengthen and bring in new capabilities, and increase the likelihood of successful implementations with proven strategies and deep industry experience. Learn more about what we do below and sign up for an initial consultation.



We have 60+ years of experience developing and integrating cutting-edge technology and are using it to help enterprises create their Future-of-Work. Our market research shows that more than half of organizations want to integrate AI into their organizations but aren’t sure how to. We perform an AI Readiness Assessment to determine your starting point in your AI journey which helps identify a Next-Steps Plan to get started. We then build out a Competitive AI Strategy and Roadmap that shows the best places to invest in AI, an Implementation Plan showing how to go about doing it, and a Tracking and Value Realization Plan showing how to measure and ensure success. We then help you go after your chosen AI solutions, from Piloting and Incubation to Full-scale Implementation and Integration. Spend less time tinkering and accelerate value realization of AI this year into your company with LAUNCH!’s AI experts. We’ve worked with notable organizations such as American National Standards Institute and the City of Los Angeles. Set up an initial consultation to explore what the journey of investing in AI would look like at your company.


Paypal and payment platforms. Netflix and entertainment. Uber and public transportation. Amazon and e-commerce. Telsa and automobiles. And now Boxabl and housing. Disruption is about finding new and greater value in the market. The next disruption is already around the corner. We systematically find ways to disrupt and challenge your business internally and externally. We perform competitive and impact analysis across industries, creating a Watchlist of Challengers and Potential Disrupters and what they are up to. We then help you identify Disruption Vulnerabilities and Opportunities and provide Time-staged Recommendations on how to address them and become a disruptor yourself. Set up a consultation today to get an intial pulse on the disruption landscape and what your path to disruption would look like.


Innovation can be undermined by business-as-usual operations and visa versa. LAUNCH! works with companies to establish and co-pilot their Innovation Engines & pilot programs under a Center of Excellence, facilitating New Innovation Workflows and cooperation with business. Once an innovation is incubated, our Integration Framework and Change Management Process enables them to be seamlessly integrated back into the business as usual functions. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss innovations you would like to launch and we can show you how an Innovation Engine can bring it to life.


Finding the balance between creating efficiency through organizational design and processes with embedding innovation can be like oil and water. LAUNCH! helps companies struggling with this issue by performing an organizational assessment using our proven framework to determine the right balance that is needed. We then identify what innovation mechanisms will have the most impact and harmony with the organization and how to incorporate them. At the same time we make recommendations on feasible efficiency modifications that can better enable innovation, making it an even trade. Set up an initial consultation to learn about our model for balancing efficiency and innovation and how we can apply it.


LAUNCH! will assess your current technology eco-system against your Industry Technology Operating Model Framework to find opportunities to advance your tech-capital and capabilities. Whether it’s to create cost-savings to free up capital, create better data connections, reduce tech debt, or to build new capabilities, we will show you the possibilities and our recommendations to future proof your tech. We know the tech landscape and have touch points on emerging opportunities which allows us to develop competitive and sustainable, plug & play solutions to one-up your company. Our team has performed assessments for prestigious clients such as Cognizant. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your current operating model, pain points, and desired future capabilities and how we can go about finding the best solution for you.


Today’s technical implementations are generally complex, requiring expert management to ensure stakeholder acceptance, in-line budget spending, and risk mitigation. We know that accelerating your technology implementation is critical to save in costs and realize value as soon as possible. LAUNCH! provides expert end-to-end project management and additional technical resources so that you don’t have to spread your resources thin and can reduce guess work. Our team has worked on EDIs, ERPs, CRMs, data visualization systems, broadcast systems, HR systems, financial systems, and marketing systems at companies such as Nike, Investors Business Daily, Disney, Fox Studios, Sony Latin America, Baylor, McKesson, and Acosta to name a few. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your project and we can walk you through how we can add value in accelerating your timeline and protecting your budget.


Are you ready to build beyond incremental improvements and transform your company by going after bigger investments that help you jump the S-curve? Whether you are looking to transform your business model, operating model, culture and ways of working, or add entirely new capabilities or reduce legacy debt, LAUNCH! knows how to get you there. We don’t just help you with a one-time transformation, but also build transformation as a capability into your organization, making you self sufficient to manage future transformations. We have over 20 years of experience in successfully transforming organizations into leaders in their space. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your transformation and we’ll walk you through how we would help you to go after it.


For companies daring enough to disrupt themselves, Automate My Job is a program by LAUNCH! that facilitates an employee challenge to automate their jobs with a job security guarantee. Employees won’t automate their jobs without proper incentive. LAUNCH! has designed a program that creates an incentivized opportunity for employees to move up without fear for losing their job. Employees who automate their job are given new development opportunities and create new positions for themselves that provide greater value to the company. Our program empowers and scales mass change from the ground up that can truly transform your business in a matter of months. Come explore the power of change with us in an initial consultation where we can discuss how real jobs would transform at your company.


Does your annual planning process feel more like a mix of competing priorities without a clear path forward on the best way to allocate budgets? These sessions often end in stalemates and compromises that negatively impact strategy. Are you finding that annual planning is no longer sufficient in meeting new market needs through the year, but can’t possibly imagine going through the process more than once a year? LAUNCH! spearheads your planning process, making it effective, scalable, and fun. We walk your business leads through our proven framework and process through workshops that train them in better practices and provides a streamlined and decisive approach that can get you through any sticky hold-ups. We perform market and competitive research to help benchmark and enhance your market position, set global and domestic agendas that extend capabilities and increase profits, and develop the detailed plans to see them through to realization. Most importantly we enable your planning team to shift to a more agile approach that allows them to better respond to market changes throughout the year. Our team has developed strategic portfolios for major players including Ernst Young Global, Keurig-Dr. Pepper, Investors Business Daily and more. We can assist in both global strategy as well as regional and local markets. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your strategy & portfolio planning pain points and how LAUNCH! can bring value to you.


Inherited a new company or role with a structure in place? It is important to question the status quo. Large organizational changes often come too late because no one frequently questions them. It’s likely there are opportunities your organization could take advantage today that can solve more of your systemic problems, and in return can solve a lot more of your smaller problems. Or perhaps acquired a company that you now need to quickly integrate? LAUNCH! is practiced at finding synergies to built the ideal organizational structure that will work for different companies. LAUNCH! will take you through a big picture view of your organization’s current state and the top pain points your experiencing and compare that to a future proposed organizational design that optimizes roles, span of control, chain of command, structures, investments, communication patterns, and accelerates processes, decisions, and performance. We work hand in hand to help you clearly define roles and success criteria so that every employee understands what good looks like and how their efforts contribute to the goals of your company. We then provide organizational change management recommendations on how to implement to ensure the smoothest transition. Our team has helped clients such as Sempra and Investors Business Daily with their organizational restructuring. Set up an initial consultation to explore with us if an org redesign is right for you.


Culture can be one of your most powerful business drivers and competitive advantages. Rebuild and enhance your culture so that it supports your strategy and fits with your organizational design and business environment. We do this by building an appropriate cultural identity, providing leadership coaching, and deploying mechanisms such as control systems, rites, ceremonies, symbols, and stories to enact change. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your current culture and we can show how you can better align it to your strategic objectives.


Is your company struggling to hit target KPIs or make talent successful? Management control systems are often overlooked as a means to drive performance. LAUNCH! designs, pilots, and deploys full scale management control systems (MCS) that drive high-performance and assure compliance. Mitigate employee gaming and develop effective incentives that attract and retain the talent you want. Develop balanced scorecards with appropriate and measurable metrics to tie appropriate compensation rewards to. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your current performance controls and unearth potential flaws that could be pulling down your bottom line and how to better control and track them.


Is your latest employee survey showing declining engagement? Are you measuring engagement in a way that matters to KPIs? Asking the right questions and understanding the root causes is LAUNCH!’s first step in defining your engagement problem. We then help you to design and launch an employee engagement program (EEP) that incentivizes employees, driving performance and increasing retention. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your engagement concerns and we’ll share our approach to solving it.


Do you have talent that is great at what they do, but can’t seem to get past certain growth milestones? Do you have a succession planning program in place that effectively grooms talent for the future? LAUNCH! creates comprehensive professional development programs custom tailored to your human capital strategy and objectives. Programs aim to increase the capabilities, engagement, and retention of your talent while optimizing their well-being and growth in the company. Our coaches inspire, motivate, facilitate optimal and strategic decision-making, replace bad habits with good habits, maximize a professional’s value to their constituents, educate, and create accountability. The effect of a coach is multiplied through a professional’s team, colleagues, and customers making the investment even more impactful. We will set up your company’s portal through which employee baselines can be established, sessions scheduled, and progress reported. Our system aggregates coaching data in order to spot undesired or unintended trends in talent management. In addition to coaching we also offering to build coaching as a capability into your organization with the option to adopt our Mentor Match and Facilitation Program run by our AI bot EIVA. Ask about our Professional Development Program today! Set up an initial consultation to discuss where a coaching program might best fit into your organization and its structure and focal points.


If you are a US public company, or about to go public, you have a fiduciary responsibility to comply with SEC and state ESG mandates which are constantly being updated. LAUNCH! helps you to navigate these ESG mandates and create a roadmap for future mandates to come that you need to be prepared for. We develop, deploy, and track sustainability initiatives that compliment your profitability objectives, comply with ESG mandates, and measure impact. What makes us different is that 1) we collaborate with ESG pioneer companies and institutions in the EU which are leading the way in ESG initiatives to bring you the best, 2) we help you scale your ESG impact through strategic partnership development, and 3) help you build out your ESG reporting platforms. The LAUNCH! team’s proudest accomplishment to date is their work on the sustainability initiative they built for Coloplast in Copenhagen, which resides in ESG capital region of the world. Set up an initial consultation to learn about how we can establish or bolster your ESG program.


Is your team frustrated with a time consuming workflow? Does it feel like the ball is getting dropped often? Are you experiencing constant additional costs in your business? It’s time to take a look under the hood. LAUNCH! will assess your business processes from head to toe and identify the greatest opportunities for achieving peak performance and ROI that directly affect the performance of your organizations KPIs. The assessment is focused on how well you achieve your operational objectives, such as revenue growth, operational efficiency, compliance with laws and regulations, public perception, corporate responsibility and market leadership, as well as customer and employee satisfaction. Processes are assessed against current competitive benchmark capabilities ensuring that your improvements not only improve your bottom line but are competitive. We then layout and deliver our implementation plan which helps business managers take ownership for boosting profits. Our team has implemented process improvements in organizations such as Baylor, Investors Business Daily, and Fox to name a few. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your biggest process pain points and let us show you how our methodology can improve your KPIs.


Lean Six Sigma is a systematic process improvement technique that optimizes operations in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. Organizations that are focused on profitability and have complex operations will benefit the most from this program. This technique has saved GE $12 billion over 5 years. LAUNCH! helps facilitate this scaled cost savings by working with your company to identify and eliminate defects, variations, and waste that hinder profit margins while delivering high quality. We then ensure that the changes we make together stick through change management best practices and control mechanisms. The LAUNCH! team has implemented such programs within various lines of business within Fox that have saved millions in operational costs year over year. Set up an initial consultation to see what areas six sigma can provide the most value at your company and examples of successful programs.


Are you experiencing low retention, negative moral, low performance, or silos. These are often signs that your workforce is not being driven by a singular mission and operating off of meaningful values. LAUNCH! will come in and perform a Voice of the Employee Survey that will inform our assessment of the current culture. From here we will identify what the mismatches are against the company’s current mission and values and how those are playing out. Through our fun workshop we will provide our recommendation on the true identity of the workforce as well as an organizational change plan to not just implement, but sustain the change. With the rate of change where it stands we recommend to refresh your mission and values every 1-2 years, especially if you are in a high growth industry, so that it resonates with customers and drives employees. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your company’s organization and metrics to see if a mission and value refresh is right for you and hear stories about its power.


Standing up new investments across an array of functions without a PMO (Project Management Office) puts the delivery timeline at risk, typically over uses resources, and lacks transparency which creates higher exposure to risks. A PMO provides centralized support to embed project management excellence. This drives up standards and compliance across all projects within an organization, enabling greater success on expected ROIs. As a result organizations are better able to control scope and timeline and even scale project expenses through resource allocation while maintaining transparency by serving as a conduit for communication. LAUNCH! helps companies transition into project-based organizations by establishing a PMO to effectively streamline their work from a portfolio perspective. Our team has set up PMOs for notable clients such as Investors Business Daily and EY Global IT. Set up an initial consultation to discuss your project portfolio and learn how a PMO can help.

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