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  • Navigating Organizational Change in both transformational and continuous improvement contexts
    Organizations drive improvement through both transformational projects and continuous improvement initiatives. Both strategies aim to enhance organizational performance and drive positive change, yet they differ significantly in scope, scale, and methodology. In the article, we will delve into the differences between transformational projects and continuous improvement efforts, highlighting their unique characteristics and exploring what change approach is most suitable for each.
  • Distributed Organizations Demand Smarter Enterprise Search
    With remote work here to stay, intelligent enterprise search is the future to employee enablement and empowerment. Gartner expects that by 2023, 75% of organizations embracing the benefits of a distributed enterprise will realize revenue growth 25% faster than competitors. Read more now.
  • Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of the Biotech Industry
    In the next six years, AI’s role in the life sciences is expected to grow by nearly 30%, creating a 5 billion dollar market. Investing in this space early, will allow the technology to develop and return exponentially increasing rewards. The coronavirus pandemic has opened many opportunities for AI in healthcare. However, there are still some hurdles to overcome before AI can be fully integrated into the healthcare system. Future chatbot knowledge systems, such as EIVA, created by LAUNCH!, are addressing these problems.
  • Leadership Development & Succession Planning with Beth Miller
    In this episode Rebecca Bennett interviews Leadership Development Advisor and Executive Coach Beth Armknecht Miller. We talk about how executives can create their own think-tank to help support them in their role and how to build organizational resiliency through succession planning.
  • Startup Marketing
    In this episode, award winning marketer/business owner/coach, Megan Brame comes onto the pod to share with us her insights on how to get started and succeed in marketing for your startup. It all starts with a self-brand and having a presence. We discuss role models like Stephenie Meyers, creator of the Twilight series, who did it well and started with a customer community before making her product.
    In this episode we explore how Hernan Sias has been able to build his brand and expand his network through his journey in podcasting. If you are starting a business and trying to acquire customers, looking for a job, or just trying to to build your self-brand, Hernan shows us the power of podcasting and what it can do for you. As business owners we also discuss what it takes to get to financial freedom and productivity.
  • Using AI to grow your business
    Our very own founder, Rebecca Bennett, was recently featured on The Business Bros Pod discussing how businesses are starting to explore AI, some common pitfalls,…
    How do you lead through COVID-19? How do you set that new vision? For this episode I handpicked 4 leaders whom have demonstrated great leadership qualities during these uncertain times and have successfully come up with a plan and pivoted their organizations in response. So today you will be hearing from Erin Beck, CEO of Wana Family Networks, Afifa Siqqique, CEO of Canadian Payroll Services, Elena Agaragimova, Managing partner of Bessern, as well as Sean Bisceglia, CEO of Curion.
  • From Globe-Trotter to Startup Mom with Erin Beck Podcast
    Erin is an exemplary leader and female startup founder. In this episode we explore Erin’s startup story from when she backpacked around the world to founding a startup through motherhood. Erin’s advice is very real, telling it like it is on early challenges such as nearly going broke, fundraising, becoming friends with her competitors, and eventually making a friendly acquisition to keep the industry moving.
  • The Business & Future of Education in the Workplace
    When you combine education and technology, you get Elena Agaragimova from Dubai. She has worked in talent development around the world, and shares her takeaways with LAUNCH! on what reskilling for the future looks like. In addition to discussing the business and future of education in the workplace, she also reveals to us how she overcame the challenges in building an AI application as managing partner of Bessern.
  • Exploring AI in Marketing with Jerry Abiog Podcast
    Because the AI market is projected to grow to almost $400 billion by 2025, we wanted to explore AI with someone who has had a hand on driving it forward. LAUNCH! talks with Jerry Abiog, cofounder and CMO of Standard Insights to learn how he grew his AI company. In this episode, we hope to give our listeners a better of sense of AI as the future and how to go about integrating it into one’s business.
  • From Side Gigs to an Empire with Afifa Siddiqui Podcast
    Afifa Siddiqui is a rare breed of entrepreneur being a minority woman and self-funded. In this episode on the LAUNCH! Podcast, we explore her success and failures as a serial entrepreneur, starting from her side gigs to what we see as her empire. We explore the challenges she went through starting and managing each of her businesses as well as her transitions between each one. Afifa truly understands what it is to build an empire as each business fits with the next, helping to grow each other. Her businesses Cronos, CareerLeaf, and Canadian Payroll Services all lie in the talent management industry. Tackling the industry from 3 different perspectives makes Afifa quite the expert in talent management, therefore we also take the opportunity to pick her brain on everything talent management.