Startup Marketing


In this episode, award winning marketer/business owner/coach, Megan Brame comes onto the pod to share with us her insights on how to get started and succeed in marketing for your startup. It all starts with a self-brand and having a presence. We discuss role models like Stephenie Meyers, creator of the Twilight series, who did it well and started with a customer community before making her product.

Megan provides insights on questions like:

  • How to figure out who your true customer is? Where to find them?
  • How to go about customer-product fit and market validation? What prep work is required?
  • How do you capture the customer voice? When do you use customer surveys?
  • When is it time to let a customer go?
  • What are the marketing funnel stages and how do you work within each one?
  • When is it the time right to start a paid social media campaign and how to go about starting one?
  • When should you outsource your marketing efforts?
  • What are her top tool recommendations?
    • Planely for instagram
    • What are her top tool recommendations?
    • ConvertKit





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