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Sean Bisceglia, serial founder and chief executive officer of Curion, shares his business playbook that he has perfected over his career to help executives and entrepreneurs lead successful businesses.

Our guest in this episode is Sean Bisceglia, a serial founder and chief executive officer with over 20 years of experience. He has founded and led 4 successful companies. He has extensive experience disrupting industries with innovative growth solutions. He also made the “40 under 40” list by Crain’s Chicago.

In this episode, LAUNCH! offers its listeners an inside look into Sean’s playbook on business that he has tailored over the years, perfecting his formula for success.






Short on time? Cut to the chase.

Intro 0:00 – 0:30

Guest Intro 0:30 – 1:08

Background on Sean 1:08 – 2:58

The 5 Basic Tenets of Sean’s Playbook: Start at 2:58

1) Culture: Start at 2:58

Go beyond posters. Go behind the “Why” employees are there. Define a common purpose using employee surveys and Word Walls. Take the pulse of the organization. Then come up with a Rally Cry. Create a Culture Taskforce. Swag helps.

8:29 – How do you go about getting everyone to communicate a consistent message?

2) Marketing: Start at 11:05

If you can pitch your mom and your employee messages are consistent, then you can move forward with your marketing messaging.

12:53 – How can you measure how well you are communicating your message? NPS (Net Promoter Score).

3) Sales & Growth: Start at 13:54

13:54 – What performance metrics do you like to use for your salesforce? What makes a good compensation structure?

Just trying to land the sale is not the most effective metric. Stage goals are effective metrics to go by.

14:52 – How do you avoid a situation like a Wells Fargo Scandal?

17:39 – How do you avoid over-competition in your salesforce that could negatively affect the customer experience?

Avoid the free-for-all approach (although this is less common in B2B and more common in B2C). Divide and conquer accounts. Divide your accounts into territories and name people to specific accounts.

4) Talent: Start at 19:26

19:26 – How do you select the right talent for your team?

Use assessment tools to determine talent alignment. Use vetted talent.

21:38 – Should you hire culture over domain expertise or domain expertise over culture?

23:51 – Want to cut to better audio, start here. (At LAUNCH! we always strive for quality in our podcasts, but it’s hard to always get it right with interviews done online since COVID-19, we apologize for audio discrepancies but hope the content makes up for it.)

Surround yourself with smarter people than you are.

5) Industry: Start at 25:07

25:07 – How can you quickly learn an industry?

Create thought leadership. Build a Customer Council. Bring in a personal Advisory Board that meets quarterly.

25:56 – Why do successful entrepreneurs fail? How do you create repeatable success? How do you lead disruption?

Ask “What if…” Don’t disrupt to disrupt. Talk to your customers, that’s where the change is happening. Follow the change.

CEOs and Founders need to work “on” the business and work less “in” the business.

Wrap Up: 34:46 – 35:23

Outro: 35:23 – 36:11

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