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The LAUNCH! CONSULTING GROUP is hard at work incubating cutting-edge AI solutions to create your Future-of-Work. Check out what we are working on below and if you are interested in integrating AI into your organization by piloting incubated solutions in exchange for a case study, please fill out the interest form at the bottom. Note these pilot program opportunities are only available for a limited time before they go to market, so this is the time to get in early with minimal to no cost.



The problem we’re solving now is the $1.3T in productivity costs that organizations are losing annually because of outdated knowledge management systems. That’s more than the US budget deficit!


The top 3 stakeholders that this problem is affecting are:

  • High-growth companies that operate in new spaces where the knowledge is changing everyday spend enormous amounts of time trying to constantly stay up to date to keep pace.
  • Mature companies in consolidating industries that are performing M&A transactions find it challenging to quickly and scalably learn about the new companies they acquire and onboard employees to the new changes.
  • Companies that are experiencing the Silver Tsunami of retiring baby boomers are struggling with knowledge transfer for their succession plans


The current AI solution we are piloting, EIVA, helps companies from the stakeholder groups above recoup these costs. Let us introduce you to EIVA!


EIVA is an Enterprise Intellectual Virtual Assistant, but you can think of EIVA as the digital librarian of your company that helps capture organizational knowledge while automating knowledge management.

When your employees have a question for example about IT, HR, business processes, it can offer an answer faster than a colleague or a self-search saving an estimated 35% of an employee’s time. If it discovers any knowledge gaps, it crowdsources it to the most qualified experts in your org, giving employees the most up to date, accurate knowledge, on-demand, so that they can make better-informed decisions & work more efficiently. EIVA is truly built with the employee in mind because, unlike current solutions, EIVA incentivizes knowledge sharing through our organizational recognition and rewards program. No more managing documents, instead knowledge becomes a conversation.

EIVA in the news

“Using AI to Help Write an Innovation Standard”


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