Sean Bisceglia shares his Playbook on Business

Get A Glimpse at Curion CEO’s Business Playbook Podcast

In this episode, LAUNCH! offers its listeners an inside look into the playbook on business of Curion’s CEO, Sean Bisceglia, that he has perfected over his career. Sean brings great insights for executives, entrepreneurs, and MBAs.

Should You Lead or Follow When It Comes to AI?

More and more businesses are incorporating AI into their companies, but the majority of companies have yet to explore this powerful technology. Larger companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon are leading the way. If you’r are a key strategic decision maker of a company, the question you’re asking yourself is should you lead or should…

What is this AI thing?

Everyone is talking about AI. And beyond knowing that it’s artificial intelligence, per my market interviews with companies, many people could not describe what it was. If AI is the future it’s important to understand it. So the next time that someone asks you what AI is you can intelligently say that it is when…


Many diversity targets are arbitrary and immature in their thinking because hiring managers don’t know what it means to hire for diversity beyond just knowing it’s a buzz word. LAUNCH! introduces the 3 lenses through which to look for talent as well as their novel, self developed Social Responsibility Maturity Hiring Model.

Bring Your Bias Out of The Closet

Our implicit biases are highly dependent on the roles we play in society. When in a higher leadership position, the greater the impact such implicit biases will have. What Dr. Rev Bryan Marks is challenging everyone to do, is to take those thoughts off auto-pilot because you may unconsciously be disadvantaging a job candidate, co-worker, or employee in the context of your role. Learn steps on how to overcome these biases and become a better leader.

The Science of Happiness Series: Happiness Concepts for Professionals Podcast

Striving leaders who are looking to get their startup going or move up the ranks in their organization struggle with frustrations such as rejection, failure, and getting stuck. It’s important that they stay empowered so they can continue to positively lead and impact this world with their contributions. In this podcast episode, Rebecca Bennett and Dr. Mark Leonard help to find ways for professionals to move past failure and plateaus through productivity tools, mindset changes, and character tweaks.

The World of Investment Capital for Entrepreneurs with Marcia Dawood

As an entrepreneur not only do you have to understand your customer, your industry, and how you can competitively fit into the picture, but you also must understand investors and what they are looking for.
In this episode, investor and venture fund manager, Marcia Dawood, shares valuable insights about being on the other side of the table from the entrepreneurs. Learn about capital investing in entrepreneurs, what it’s like being an investor, what VCs and angels are looking for in a business, what are some of the current issues and challenges in the investor world, and how the landscape is opening up for women.

What Market Should You Target? and What You Need To Know About Niche Markets

The two most common mistakes that businesses make is that they pick a market that is too big and they don’t have the means to market or compete in that territory, or they pick a market that is too small to be profitable. Selecting your market will be a key component to your strategy, and what we will go over here.