Set Yourself Up to Win Against Those Bad Work Days


Rainy days will come. But if you prepare for them in advance then they won’t seem so bad and it can make you look great at work. As a manager, you have a team looking up to you, so it is important set the example. Here are 3 things you can do to smooth out those emergencies.


Scenario 1:

Ever find yourself running late to work or you forgot your child had a concert, or your car broke down? On top of that you find out that your email password expired and you are locked out of your email account so you can’t email anyone to notify them of your late arrival or that you need to move your meeting.


Get the most up to date contact list of your team that includes emergency contact info. Enter all the info into your phone. Although it may be time consuming, you only have to do it one time. If there isn’t one, put one together and ask the team to fill it out for distribution. When you’re on the road you can easily access their contact info and communicate.


Scenario 2:

Have you ever missed an important email by your boss or client? The more emails you receive a day, your chances increase.


There is a nice fancy feature called the VIP List in your phone. Set up your top VIP list, so that way you filter out all other emails and only see theirs when you view the list. Also receive custom notifications and sound alerts per VIP so you never miss an important message again.


Scenario 3:

Ever find yourself arriving to work without your laptop or phone?

Solution: Save all of your documents to icloud and ensure that your team has a spare computer on site all the time. You can get through the day on the spare and still have access to all the important stuff. Also, make sure your phone is synced to icloud.

What other “emergencies” have you had to deal with? Share them and your recommended action to prepare for it in the comments.



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