Monetizing Content Through Analytics

The ideas of how consumers get through commercials is evolving. The market trend is driving towards consumer choice on when and how they watch creative and commercial content.

Made Globally

The “Made In China” labels are becoming irrelevant. There are so many elements that go into a product before it hits market. In fact “Made In” labels only tell part of the story. Companies are now combining materials from all over the world to create new products, as well as outsourcing, off-shoring and now, world-sourcing.

The Future Outlook of Advertising in Current Programming

With viewers having more choices and control over what they watch it has become a challenge for the modern-day advertiser to hit their market effectively. But when there are more people online today who have more Netflix and Direct-TV subscriptions than newspaper subscriptions, I strongly sense that product-placement in media will outshine traditional print.

How is Reality TV Shaping Our Culture and Children, Marriage and Relationships?

Reality TV came at us so fast ever since MTV’s Real World in 1992 [2] that we didn’t take much time to question how it is shaping our culture and our children. What are the consequences of accepting this new reality?

The Modern Dynamic – How New Digital Platforms are Effecting Market Dynamics

Advertisers behind the scenes are collecting enormous amounts of data on you based on your usage. This has dynamically affected the landscape of global communication as well as the market.