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If you are an entrepreneur or business leader and would like to share your story or expertise with Launch! we would love to either have you write a piece or interview you for one of our featured articles or podcasts. Just fill out the information below and we will reach out to you.


Writers, Bloggers, Researchers

LAUNCH! supports research! If you are a researcher and would like to share your research, LAUNCH! is happy to work with you on creating a piece that brings insights to our readers.

If you are a writer or blogger and expert in business, and would like to create a piece of content to share on our site, please make your submission to using the following


  • We welcome pitches in addition to completed pieces. Make sure your thesis and the reason why you are writing about the topic is clear. Can you express your opinion in a single sentence? It’s likely that sentence will be the headline!
  • Please provide a brief background on who you area and what makes you qualified to write the piece. Do you have some connection to the topic that makes you an expert or a relevant party?
  • Content must be original and exclusive to LAUNCH!
  • We currently don’t have a word limit, but a standard article has anywhere from 500-1,000 words. We also accept videos, audio pieces, and longer form content, such as white papers.
  • Content must follow the tone and quality of our pieces and be of interest to our readers. We encourage and appreciate unique and fresh perspectives. We like content that brings forth new ideas or advances current conversations.
  • If you make an argument, make sure that your assumptions are clearly stated and are able to sufficiently support it against counter-arguments. Be transparent with both sides of the argument. We admire arguments that realize their own gaps and weaknesses.
  • We like pieces that incorporate research and present statistics.
  • All sources must be shared with proper attribution and hyperlinks. Sources will be confirmed by our team so we can ensure the integrity of the piece. We encourage you to use first-hand sources but will accept well known established secondary sources that have a trustworthy reputation.
  • Prospective authors are required to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, including but not limited to any financial interest in any product, firm, or commercial venture relevant to their submission. Failure to do so will result in prominently placed corrections.
  • Any content that is promoting any business, brand, service or product is considered sponsorship content and will be treated as a sponsorship proposal. Our sponsorship team will review and reach out to go over specifics on placement, run time, promotion, and rate.
  • Submission review can take up to 6 business days. If you would like to follow up, please wait until the review period has passed.
  • LAUNCH! currently does not pay for submissions, but if your content gets published on our site, then it is an opportunity for you to boost your visibility, following and reputation.